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Originally Posted by divotandtralee View Post
Simplest thing to do is deep six the existing plug with the external hex and interference and install an Allen type, 14 mm.. That's what I would do if it was such a hassle. The tool kit one won't work because it's too short a throw .. Just get a real one. A double nutted 9/16 common bolt works in a pinch. All kinds of ways to skin this cat. Or you can throw throw car away and tell me where you left it. Jsusttttttt kidding . I've been accused of being demented but dementia isn't here yet. How do i know.. My last stiff drink was yesterday about this time .. I think it is time to start one.
Agreed! I would love to find a Allen key type drain plug and just change over. That would truly solve this problem, but I haven't found anyone selling them. Any hints? (I've tried Centerline, Classic Alfa, Mr. Fiat, eBay)

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