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New Alfa Spider Graduate owner

Hello all and thank you for the valuable information on this board! I just bought a clean 1988 Alfa Romeo Graduate. I drove the car for about 50 miles to get home and the car ran great until the last leg of the trip. The car began to cut out and then back on and finally it just quit running. I costed the car to the side of the road and sat there for about ten minutes. I tried to start the car a few times to no luck. Then after some time passed the car started and got me home. I suspected a bad coils so I tested the resistance and then replaced the coil. Drove the car the next day and it seemed to run fine. Then the problem did the same thing. I let it cool down and drove it home. I suspect the ignition system as this acts like an old ford I had that did the same thing. The ford had a bad ECM. The Alfa has an ignition ECM and an injection ECM. Has anyone had this same type of issue? What were the causes and solutions?
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