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Originally Posted by lawrencedesigns View Post
OK OK..I know you are all tired of me rattling on about my search for a top boot.

I have sourced a great one of the larger Quad type, with all of the pieces intact. It's in the right color.

Problem? It is designed for the "passive seatbelts" and has the notched hole in the center for those belts.

I don't think it will bother me, and I probably wouldn't notice after awhile. My wife says..."no no. don't buy will look so wrong with that big hole in the center."

What color are you looking for? I have a larger black one (somewhere buried in my garage) that covers the parcel shelf that I don't use. Not sure if it's "quad" type or not. It's missing a couple of plastic clips that I cannabilized for my smaller tan one that I use, but you can buy those clips easily I think.

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