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T15 - Satnav

T15 - Satnav

As you may have guessed reading this report, I have been somewhat disappointed with my satnav on this trip. On all 14 of my previous trips (plus some other 'trans european' trips that I have not reported) I have used a Tom Tom satnav. It has worked flawlessly & never given me any grief, but last year I received an email from Tom Tom saying that my older model satnav is no longer being supported. No new updates or maps would be made available. I didn't think much of it, after all the satnav still worked & did what it was supposed to do..

However, when I used it recently (on a motorcycle trip), it mysteriously started having problems. The clock refused to work (constantly read 12:00) so I couldn't get arrival times or times to destinations, and it would often take up to an hour to find satellites. Quite a coincidence huh?

Clearly I couldn't continue using such an unreliable satnav, so I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 2595lmt. I have to say that I find it difficult to use compared to the Tom Tom, in particular when planning a complicated road trip. Not least of all because I had to download Garmin 'Basecamp' onto my PC and learn to use this new software. Despite all the effort that went into using Basecamp to carefully plan my routes, there were three occasions were the satnav chose to ignore those specific routes completely and follow conventional routes instead!?

As a result I am now in the market for a new Tom Tom satnav...


Nick W.
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