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Distance = 4326km in 8 Days (2700miles)
Longest day = 728km (455miles)
Fuel mileage = 10.5km/l (approx. 30mpg)
Oil consumed = 2 liters (Valvoline VR1 Racing 10W60)

Another great Road trip, Eastern Europe was fantastic!

However it could be a bit difficult & frustrating at times. Having to stop & wait at all the border crossings - the average wait time was around half an hour - as well as the need for different currencies in each country, became a bit tedious!

If you compare that to Western Europe - where you can drive from Sagres in Portugal to Sassnitz in Germany passing through 11 different countries over 4500km - using the same currency the whole way and without even having to take your passport out of your pocket...

On the plus side, it was absolutely amazing to see the changes that have occurred in those countries over the past 30 years!
Albania & Romania in particular are like totally different countries from what I remember...

The Transfagarasan & Transalpina passes were excellent, although the road surfaces were not that great. Personally I preferred the Transalpina pass over it's more famous cousin. I was lucky with the Transfagarasan - even though it was 'closed' - to be able to drive all of it, and with the advantage that this early in the year meant the road was almost deserted. Apparently it becomes very crowded at the height of the season...

So who has the worst roads in Eastern Europe? Well, Albania & Bulgaria both had some very very bad roads, but they were relatively short.
Romania takes the prize, because it has some very bad roads, and they continued for mile after mile...
Having said all that, round here where I live in Italy (Tuscany) there is no shortage of very bad roads too!

Where to next? I have only 1 more year living in Italy before returning to the UK, so I need to make the most of the opportunity to explore new places.
Perhaps a trip through what was previously known as Yugoslavia, or possibly even a trip to the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey!

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Picked up a few 'passengers' along the way.

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It was so hot on the last day this happened!

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My old video camera is not happy! Luckily I have 2nd one...

Video from the lower part of the Transalpina:

'73 Alfa Romeo 105 Series GTV - Transalpina June 2019


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