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Arad - Szeged - Osijek - Slavonski Brod - Zagreb. 575km, 6:40hrs.

I left Arad, stopping for fuel just before the Hungarian border - to use up the last of my Romanian currency. As I crossed the border the Hungarian official checked all my car documents and let me through. I passed by Szeged and continued onto Baja where - for the 3rd time - my annoying satnav decided to direct me south instead of the planned east route to Mohacs. The southern route was 37km of very bumpy road, followed by an unexpected river crossing by car ferry.

The ferry was loading as I drove up, but I didn't have a ticket. The guy directing cars pointed me to the ticket office, so I jumped out of the car, ran to the ticket office & asked for a ticket. The lady said "€1", so I paid & received a ticket. I turned to run back to the car, but I was too late. The ferry was gone... So I waited half an hour for the next sailing. When I attempted to drive on again, the guy said I only had a 'foot passenger' ticket - and not for a car! I would have to buy another ticket for my car. So I rushed back to the ticket office again & asked the same woman for 1 car ticket. She insisted that I couldn't buy 1 'car' ticket without also buying 1 'person' ticket! I didn't have time to argue so I paid €5 for the extra tickets and drove onto the ferry...

From Mohacs it was a short drive to the border at Udvar. When I arrived the young Hungarian border official asked to see my car documents. (This is on the way Out of Hungary). He then declared that as my registration document was a copy rather than an original, I would have to pay a fine of €30! He took all my details - name, address, etc - and then insisted I give him my mother's maiden name as well! This seemed very suspicious to me (i.e.: possible identity fraud) so I gave a false name as I knew he had no method of verifying the information. Finally, when he was finished issuing the fine, he handed my passport & car documents to his opposite number on the Croatian side of the border and suggested to him that he should not let me pass through without an original registration document!! I've met some a55holes in my time, but this guy was on another level.!?..

The older (late 50's?) Croatian Border official took one look at my paperwork and just waved me through... From there it was an uneventful passage to Zagreb.
I stayed in the excellent Hotel Sundial, and had a very nice meal in a fish restaurant just 200 meters down the road.

Hotel Sundial.

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Hotel Ardealul, Arad. Unfortunately it was closed for renovations this time round...

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Cathedral Sfanta Treime, Arad.

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Horse & Cart is still a fairly common sight in rural parts...

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Ferry at Mohacs. Despite jumping out of a car, the lady in the ticket office sold me a foot passenger ticket.?..

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Border at Udvar.


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