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Thessaloniki - Kavala - Kardzali - Stara Zagora. 449km, 5:25hrs

Day 3 started with repairs to the car. The radiator thermo fan switch seemed to have failed. The car was getting quite hot during the previous afternoon and I realized that the electric fan was not cutting in. The problem was solved by bypassing the switch. This meant that the fan would run continuously, but the weather was so hot that that probably would have done that anyway...

This was going to be another long motorway day & it started badly by being stuck in a huge queue of traffic shortly after leaving the hotel. The reason turned out to be a horrific car crash in which two cars ended up on their roofs! One strange thing I noticed about the Greek motorways was the lack of service areas along the way. It seems if you want fuel, you must exit the motorway and navigate to the nearest petrol station in the next town.?..

I stopped for lunch and then a swim at the beach in Kavala, before making my way to Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. I stayed at the marvellous 5 star Park Hotel.

Park Hotel.
Park Hotel Stara Zagora

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Radiator thermo fan switch - bypassed...

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Marina at Kavala.

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Lunch in Kavala.

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Swim at the beach in Kavala.

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View from my hotel room in Stara Zagora.


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