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Wilwood Caliper kit - Leak Fix Recommendation

I ordered the Wilwood brake caliper kit from Centerline [Part #BK807] and have about 250+ miles of winding road experience, using stock rotors in good condition. It's a fantastic upgrade and adds a great amount of improved stopping power.


I didn't drive the car for 2 weeks and when I came back and was pulling it out - brake pedal went to the floor (rolling down my driveway) and I used the hand brake to stop the car. The master cylinder was empty! The calipers were wet and figured that the bleeders may have leaked. Filled everything back up, bled the inner and outer bleeder valves on both wheels and was back in action.


I noticed brake fluid marks/streaks coming out from the wheels after a drive. Front wheels off and upon re-inspection, I noticed that the bottom of both calipers were wet. After speaking to Wilwood (twice), it was clear that these 4 piston calipers have 2 upper and 2 lower bleed valve opening and they ship them out with 4 bleeders installed. Because Centerline puts these kits together, they remove the lower bleeders and insert 5mm allen plugs into the 2 bleeder holes in each caliper. These are plumbing fittings and when I removed the plugs, it was clear that they didn't use any thread-seal (ie. teflon tape or equivalent sealer)....hence, the weep/leak.

Recommendation for any one who has or will order these kits. Before installing the calipers, take the bottom plugs out, wrap them with teflon tape and re-install...they will be leak free.

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