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'79 Alfetta Flex Disc Part Numbers

I was merging onto the freeway the other night in 3rd gear in my California í79 Alfetta Sprint Veloce. Just as I was about to shift into 4th, I heard a loud bang (so loud it scared me) as if something hit the floor or the driveline. Iím pretty sure I didnít run over anything. I drove home ok but now there is a very slight vibration in the driveline.

I got under the car and the rear flex disc has a few small surface cracks in it, nothing all the way through. The other flex discs look ok. The driveshaft bearing support looks okay.

I found the Alfa part number 11608 15044 02 on my CarDisc. I have found that this part number, 60725177, might be the same flex disc but I am also seeing 60521631, which seems widely available.

Does anyone have insight into these part numbers?


Leslie Wong
Mill Valley, CA
'79 Sprint Veloce
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