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Hard to believe that no one on this list has a North American spec 1990 spider with A/C and has not come across this problem.
Here is what i have learned.
From 1969 through 1990, the US spec cars apparently used a water pump with the lower hose connection at the 9 o'clock position while the ROW cars used a water pump with the lower hose connection at the 8 o'clock position.
The reason was that the US spec cars had to have the hose clear the Spica injection pump and on Bosch cars, clear the A/C compressor which went where the Spica pump was.
In 1990, Alfa changed the radiator to the one used through 1994 but still used the old pump. In 1991, they changed to the pump that has the connection at the 8 o'clock position when they moved the A/C compressor and added power steering.
Soooo, the 1990 is a unique beast with a special lower radiator hose.

All that being said, I still cannot find a replacement hose or get a response from someone who has found a solution to this dilemma.

If I ever come up with a solution, I will surely share it.
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