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Originally Posted by ghnl View Post
I'm wondering if that is an Alfa connector or something 'aftermarket'. The round connectors don't look familiar to me (but I haven't replaced an entire wire harness...). When you say 'left side' is that as if seated in the car facing forwards?

What wire diagrams do you have? If you do not have a copy of Papajam's (Jim Neil, RIP) color-coded wire diagrams, send me a PM
with your email address.
I start to find out very likely it is for the rear speakers, plus 2 for the electrical antenna still one wire would be unknown. There are more of these connectors built in; doesnt seem an aftermarket. We’ re building in a harness of a 1990 EU; as no 88 USA was for sale. If anyone has a EU wire diagram would be of great help!
Yes left hand means for me at the driver,s side of a LHD car.
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