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LED flasher relay

Just wanted to follow-up on this thread from a couple of months ago. I wanted to convert the signal/brake lights on my S4 to LED without using resistors, etc., so I tried working with Simtek on the electronic flasher spiderserie4 had found, but this distributor proved to be useless (lots of promises, but zero follow through). Some google-sleuthing discovered the manufacturer for this relay was a company in Malta. I contacted them and their original response was that Alfa wasnt one of their supported brands, but since it listed this particular flasher relay as a substitute for the Lucas sfb163 which is frequently listed as a substitute for Spiders of that era, it might be worth a try. I tried to place an order, but then the mfg said the relay was a very poor seller and they didnt have any.

Making a long story short (and cutting out a rash of emails), they offered to build a few examples since they still had the parts, so I ordered 6 of them. There were special setup charges, and customs/shipping fees, but it still came out to be less than the standard S4 replacement relays online.

The units arrived and they worked as advertised (see attached pics). Tried it first with the regular incandescent bulbs still installed and it worked fine. Replaced everything with LEDs and still worked as promised. Nice bright directional and emergency lighting front and back. No resistors wired in.

Two things were a little different: 1) The signal cadence was quicker than the orig electo-mechanical version (but on par with the fully electronic signal cadence of the late model Mazda the Spider shares the garage with), and 2) zero clicking/signal sound since its fully electronic. abeasley offered to be an experimenter and his experience seems to be the same.

If anyone is interested, I can supply the contact information. I also still have 3 examples of the relay that one can buy at cost ($30/ea delivered, or $20 if you leave near Los Gatos, CA and want to pick up). Im selling at cost as I offer no warranty although Im not sure if the manufacturer offers one anyway on these units.


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