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In its various permutations, warmism tends to focus almost exclusively on effecting change through controlling behavior. Writ large, the various domains of climate change activism tend to behave like lifestyle oriented social movements, the dominating feature of which is---wait for it folks---social status. People who strongly identify with warmism embrace reform agendas that emphasize lifestyle changes which reflect their collective views of what a proper society should look like. Simply put, they want to "nudge" (to quote Cass Sunstein) their cultural enemies---the people who refuse to reflect and honor their values---to behave in ways that reassure them that their values, and therefore their social standing is society, are valid and superior. They argue that only by coercing people into acting right can the climate be "saved".

The inherent fallacy in this collective viewpoint is found in history. Historically when faced with delimmas like climate change, human societies invent new technologies to solve their problems. Unfortunately technological innovations don't play favorites and so people who are anxious that their values aren't being properly respected are often bereft of the tangible evidence they need to feel that they still matter.

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