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Originally Posted by 101/105guy View Post
Hey, you get to cherry pick your scientists and we get to cherry pick ours!
You probably believed the political experts 2 years ago who said the Donald Trump would never be President......
You aren't picking scientists. You are picking political commentators playing scientist. A common theme among climate denialists is that they are either scientists in completely unrelated disciplines, or they are making claims that are much smaller than political commentators present them as. Besides, I haven't seen any links to published research by denialists anywhere in this thread. Lots of blog posts and editorials. No research.

I followed 528 fairly closely during election season. They were actually very explicit that while their models showed Hillary had an edge, Trump had a very real chance of winning it. The problem was that the national vote was very well polled (and the election was +/- 1pt of the national polling aggregation), but polling in the midwest was of fairly low quality. So no, I didn't believe Trump would never be president (especially after the Wikileaks and Comey nonsense). In fact, I have an outstanding bet with my brother in law that he will be reelected. The stakes are a bottle of fine scotch.

I'm truly not the wide eyed liberal you seem to assume I am. I'm a moderate, and I even work in oil and gas.

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