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My Fram story:
I used to sell industrial supplies in the Nashville area. One account was Fluffo mattress company (really). In one room of their huge building, they had pallets of baled waste material. I wondered where that goes?..
Another account, which will remain nameless (because I forgot its name; it wasn't called Fram, but Mid-Tenn Manufacturing or something equally generic) made filters. Lo and behold, there was the end user of Fluffo's pallets of mattress trimmings!

In the "Quality" control room, there were production line (unsealed) samples of the various brand-named filters. Including Fram, Wix and some off-brand generic filters. The Fram were filled with the floor sweepings and assorted detritus from Fluffo. One can would have a handful that would probably do a passable job at filtration. The next had straw, edge binding, and impenetrable plastic waste in the filter path.
The Wix had nice pleated paper fiber filtration media. Their anti-drainback valves were a floppy silicone (read: effective) where Fram was some stiff, cheap plastic/rubber crap.

I switched to Wix. (NAPA is Wix with a different paint job).
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