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Thanks for the additional insights. In response to your questions:

  1. The coolant temp sensor is not new. I never even removed it from the intake manifold. I just moved the whole manifold over to the new head.
  2. Agree the system may not be bled properly. I have followed Peteís instructions up to the point of starting the car. I ran out of time and need to complete his process, which Iím following to the letter.
  3. Every drive is a fast Italian tune up. 😎
  4. I am doing all of this with the heater on, but I donít know what a heater tap is.
  5. Yes, the carbs have metal tags with numbers on them. Serial numbers I presume. They are sequential.
  6. Thereís more wrong with the car than just this, Craig, but this is the most troubling issue right now because Iím not comfortable driving the car until I sort it out. The slowly rusting wheel arches and soaking wet diff arenít showstoppers.

I will report back on my progress.

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