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Hi Quadrifolio,

thanks for the quick reply

Actually the 40mm Weber are the 44/45 originally fitted on the 1600. So I'm bit worried the progression holes are different from the 76/77 fitted on the 2000. It wasn't an issue with Standard cams after rejetted with correct jets for 2000. Choke is 32mm.

I already tried F16 tubes, but F9 worked better. I also ordered F7 as the are supposed to operate at lower rpms (no holes at the top). I should get them today or tomorrow. Idle jets, I'm now on 60F8, but 55F8 seemed to work better at idle, not sure at progression

I'll try bigger main jets, as I noticed that 138 were significantly better than 130 or even 135. It might fix the issue.

I'll keep you updated on the progress

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