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OK. More fun in the Z ahead...

Taking the car on the Motherlode this weekend. Stopping to get new tires on the way. I'm going to thin down to 185 Avons.

I'll try and get some good photos.

I expect the car to be off the road for at least a year after this to refine a few things under the hood and in the interior. I've never wanted to make this car a garage queen but there are a couple of details that have bothered me since the start - one of which is the oil pressure gauge which is not the correct Euro market but a non-functional US market unit.

I'm also going to get new door cards and change out the door latches. I have a pair that I acquired from Rich Ott not too long before he passed away. I have since been reunited with the original units and plan on restoring and installing so that I can use the original key again. Sounds like a small job but getting these parts back into good condition is going to require a lot of cleaning, plating and polishing.


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