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Originally Posted by Chas H View Post
Have you investigated the chance the temperature gauge might be off? I read you had an infrared gauge check the readings- I've had inconsistent results using an infrared gauge.
Using the infrared device, what is the temperature of the lower radiator hose when the upper hose is reading 200/210 ?
165-170F — Touching the bottom hose confirms it is significantly less scorching then the top one, but still plenty hot.

I would be happy to dismiss it as an inaccurate gauge except that it always pointed straight up until the recent work.

I’m this close to throwing in the towel and just ordering a new radiator and thermostat.

Still can’t shake the feeling that it could be an air bubble somehow. The temperature needle moves under cornering which it never did before, but nothing except a steady stream of coolant comes out the bleeder screw.

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