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Posts: 1,057 an earlier post you say Alfaholics recommended installing the temperature sensor for the fan in the BOTTOM hose, where the water is cooler?
I won’t argue with the theory, but I’d consider getting a fan triggered at a lower temperature, or move the sensor to the top hose.
By the time the water at the bottom of your radiator is 190 degrees, the temperature at the top of the radiator will be tens-of-degrees hotter....which is indeed what you are seeing.
I’d revisit that.

And yes, you can get thermostats with different opening temperatures. I wouldn’t have thought a reputable Alfa vendor would sell you one with way too high rating, but errors can occur.
Chas H says don’t run without thermostat. Good advice....but no harm doing a short term test to see what happens. Removing it may also let you see what temperature rating it actually is (stamped on?, or a model number?), or to do the put-it-in-a-pot-with-a-thermometer thing and see at what temperature it actually opens, and that it opens more than just a crack.

From what I’ve read above, I don’t reckon you have fallen for putting a pusher fan behind the radiator instead of in front, or messed with the wiring so it runs backwards, but you can buy fans which are much more efficient than others (higher CFM-rated, better blade design). The $25 specials might not cut it.
Suggest eliminating those possibilities too, as others have said.
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