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Originally Posted by PSk View Post
Time to do some debugging and less talking 🙂

If you have the old themostat, put it back and test.

If no change, remove electric fan and test.

A lot of posters have suggested things but we are not getting the results 🙂

Thanks Pete. Unfortunately I don’t have the old thermostat.

When you say remove the electric fan, do you mean to replace it with a mechanical fan or to run with no fan at all?

It’s Saturday afternoon and I don’t have anything better to do. I will get straight to work as soon as I have some clarity on what I should do. But I don’t have a good, old thermostat or mechanical fan.

I could try running on the highway with no fan at all. If the temps stay low, that’d tell us the problem is the electric fan is doing more harm than good.

What should I try first?

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