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Originally Posted by Del View Post
All I know is that the electric dipsticks in my Alfas have all failed. Now, maybe the newer ones are better, but still, you just CANNOT end up with a mechanical dip stick which will fail on you, and the reading one gets from them is probably withing 1/4 qt at worst. Good enough for the engine for sure, and for all of us who are not anal about new electronic doodads, just because they are new. They needn't be all that precise (kind of like trying to get 4 or 5 places on a slide rule, you could always tell who was the newbie, lol).
The 164 doesn't have an electronic dipstick. It has a minimum oil level thermistor. They eventually fail. Fortunately, Alfa assumed theybwoukdntbbe foolproof so fitted a steel, ape dipstick. SAAB used a more reliable float switch to indicate minimum oil level.

Electronic dipsticks show actual oil level including over filled. Overfilling is a very common fault caused by incorrect use of a dipstick and can destroy an engine.

Those Vega engines were ridiculous: cast iron head bolted to a liner less aluminum block....designed for self destruction.

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