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Originally Posted by GV27 View Post
More reliable? Oil level sensors fail pretty commonly. I'm not saying that they're unreliable but they can and do fail. I've never heard of a dipstick failing. I've been using dipsticks for 30 years and have never had one fail and have never had one not give me at least a good "ballpark" oil level.

Saying that the dipstick is a technology that simply doesn't work is utter bollocks.
Electronic "dipsticks" are here to stay. My reliability point relates to the user rather than the measurement device.

It is surprising how easily an incorrect reading can be observed on an ordinary dip stick.

I expect eventually that the electronic oil level sensor will feed its input to the ECU and inhibit engine starting before the level drops to critical. That would be a no brainer. An engine kill function on loss of oil pressure seems as logical but presents potential problems. A car refusing to start because it knows the engine may have insufficient oil would be a good innovation.

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