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GTAm Differential quandary

On 1532307, there is the typical 'Slittone' set up and the rear axle as it came from A.D.

Fortunately the front suspension and brakes were there also, but not much else, as the poor car had been turned into

a 'racecar/taxi/trashcan'. If you have been following the story of this car, you already know.

Bottom line, inside the differential, it is the 'small unit', as not a proper 2 liter car/body even though
it was powered by a proper 2.0 Am, in the day.

My question: is this 'small LSD unit' (thick splined axles) able to carry the addl. torque that Gtam motors made then? They were readily available, and not a cause of great concern. Same went with the motors.

Have decided to keep all GTAm motor and parts in a box, install a hot (read: disposable, or not as $$$, just to putz on the track) as here, no chance of competing with a car of value. I really ignore if 'real Am's are being raced as some do in Europe, or in the USA
risking OEM parts?

So, a TS or 2.0 motor as fearing that grenading the 'real Am motor' is not a good idea, but have concerns on the diff, as also a 'precious' part. The car will not see racing again, until the next custodian might. That, will be my kids' problem.

Any advice on this LSD or alternative set up to go and drive?

Thank you all !

Regards, Alberto
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