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Noooooo, don't do it!!!

I bought my GTV in 1985 and my daughter was born in 1988. It was the first manual transmission car she drove, and she keeps asking me if she can have it. (She doesn't like the answer: "When I can't drive it anymore").

We have come to a compromise in that I bought a 66 Super that she can have after I'm done restoring it. (One is never "really" done restoring an Alfa, right).

At any rate, sorry to hear about your horrible experience. I don't have any car experiences like that, but I've had many house contractor experiences like that. You are a better man than I, as I doubt I'm going to be getting any invitations to dinner from those contractors........

Originally Posted by cavilry View Post
I hate to dredge up an old forum post, but just for the sake of full transparency to anyone who might hazard across it and wish to know more.

Unfortunately, the car I waited so long for will be shortly coming up for sale...I finished fixing all of the things Daron missed and had a really hard look at my "toy." Now that my daughter is here, free time is in short supply. For the monthly 15 minute drive and the annual car show, I just can't justify keeping the Alfa in my garage. It deserves more than that and my family deserves some breathing room from the financial struggle of trying to live on one income in California.

Anywho, the main point of this post was that I totaled up all of the invoices from Daron and co. at Vintage Customs. Two main takeaways:

The $15,000 quote which I thought was $25,000? Actually, it was $47,135.42. A nice 318% of budget. That doesn't include the parts I ordered along the way and sent in for them. (It does, however, include the $1,300 for the driveshaft I still don't have.)

The amount of rework I paid for along the way is insane. They "catalogued" my car 3 times, even though I was sending them lists (as requested) all along. They were clearly forgetting what needed to be done as they never created any lists. They also charged me twice for the center console work, twice for brake bleeding, etc.

Water under the bridge and I'm too tired and depressed to be angry, but I did feel it was relevant info for anyone considering sending their car up there.

Hope all is well and people are getting into the driving season!

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