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Abarth exhaust review! (Yes, on an Alfa!)


The Abarth exhaust finally arrived from the Netherlands! It took about a month and only time will tell if it was indeed worth the wait.

So let’s start with... what the hell is “Abarth exhausts”? I thought Abarth was the performance division for Fiat? And yes indeed it is the performance division for Fiat named after a famous Austrian race car driver.

That being said it was also the name of a since dead company call “Abarth exhausts”, New Old Stock has since been purchased by a company in the Netherlands called (more on that later). The specific exhaust I ordered was made specifically for 105 Alfa Romeos but they had a few options back in the day for many different cars. What got me excited about ordering anything Abarth related is the special sound most Fiat Abarth make and the fact that the previous owner of my 84’ Alfa Romeo Spider put “Abarth” stickers all over the car. So I said to myself..

“This makes no sense, why are there Fiat badges all over my Alfa but.... you know what! To hell with it! We’re making my Alfa a special edition Abarth variant!”

....Stay tuned! More coming after the install!

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