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Car running hot ó is it the Evans coolant?

My car has been running hot since I put the new head on it this past winter, and Iíve been having a lot of trouble finding the source because I changed so many variables at once. New head, rebuilt carbs, new thermostat, new coolant hoses, new coolant type. I reused my old rad because it seemed to flow water just fine and always kept the car at a solid 185F prior, regardless of weather or conditions. The rad cap is new.

Now the car runs closer to 200-212F, as indicated by both the coolant gauge and my infrared temp sensor (they match!). And the temp fluctuates +/- 10F during a drive, which it never used to do. Road speed and engine speed seem irrelevant to the temps.

After the new cylinder head went on, I filled the engine with Evans Waterless Coolant. It occurs to me that thatís another critical variable that could affect running temperature.

Iíve already spent about $200 to fill the motor up with this stuff twice (donít ask). Iím gonna swap it for Prestone this evening unless someone has a better idea and see if the temps come back down.

Besides the Evans coolant, the only thing left I can think of is that thereís something not right with the new thermostat I got from Centerline. That seems unlikely. I tested it in boiling water to see that it works, but I didnít check at what temp it opens.

Iím pretty confident Iíve bled the system well.

I know some will say that 210F is no big deal, but this same motor used to never deviate from 185F, so I know somethingís not right. Iíll report back, but Iím open to any suggestions!

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