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Spider Door stays and Milano starters hands down,

Door stays may be easy to replace on a car with manual window regulators, but the job gets ridiculously complicated on those with motorized regulators. I use a father/son team of professional mechanics with more than 75 years combined experience on Alfas for stuff I don't want to tackle. They basically refused to replace the driver's door stay on my 91 Veloce. I took a look myself since there would be no need to crawl around on the floor with limited access to nuts and bolts. They were right--it's just too much work for something that should be simple.

As far as Milano starters, it should not be necessary to remove the exhaust manifold, release the motor mounts, jack up the engine, struggle for an hour trying to line up the holes on the housing while balancing a heavy starter in one hand, attach and torque the unit basically impossible because of the ratchet extension needed, set the engine back on the mounts and torque them, reinstall the exhaust manifold while somehow balancing the entire exhaust system to align the manifold and torquing the nuts (again iffy at best for those on the bottom side) so that there are no leaks.

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