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Sorry guys, but I enjoy working on my Alfa's. Patience is important. I watch videos or read articles here. Then I look at the job - I look at the parts and I imagine them off the car. Then I watch the videos again or re-read the article. Then I get all my tools together and begin the job. Yes, I'll admit that I sometimes wonder why I have to take so many other parts off to get to something simple. But it's okay, since it gives me time to reflect on the job I'm doing and what it'll do for my car.

I've worked on a lot of my own cars since high school. The GM stuff!!! Why do they put a socket only accessible bolt on the top front shock (of the 70's and early 80's cars)? If there's even a hint of rust on the threads (shock shaft), the bolt gets stuck and the shaft and bolt turn as one piece. There's a special tool they sell that holds the shaft (at the top), while you gain access to the bolt. A teenager barely has enough money to buy new shocks and has $0 left over for special tools!

Why does Chevy put the engine so far back that you can't get to the right rear plug - not even through the wheel well?

Why does Volvo put such a cheap blower motor in their 240 series cars, then bury it under everything in the dash, so a normal 1 hour job becomes a one or two day job with skinned knuckles!

Why does Infiniti install the starter on an M45 under all the suspension parts, so all the bolts except the last one is accessible? I couldn't figure it out, so I left it there with a flat spot.

Why does Chrysler install the entire front body of the car around the engine? It's by far the hardest car to get that huge 413 CI V8 out of - yes I did it and it was tough, with a lot of bouncing and pushing. Now imagine getting it back in! An all night event.

Why does Jaguar make nearly everything on their XJ series straight six an impossibility to access and fix. Open the hood on a mid 90's with the 4.0L straight six - there's no room under the hood to do anything!

Why does VW design their cars, so when you have to do a timing belt on a Jetta, the entire front end of the car needs to come off? Bumper, AC Condenser, radiator, etc.

Why does Toyota and Nissan put the knock sensor so low in their V6 engine so that everything on the top has to come out? Intake manifold, throttle body, etc. And while you're down there, you may as well change the coolant hose (that sits between the two heads).

Why does Mercedes put the transmission controller inside the transmission? I know that other manufacturers also do it, but aren't electronics (chips) suppose to stay cool? Isn't the inside of a transmission pretty hot? The wrong place for a computer, right?

Why does BMW place the oil separator on top of the valve cover (on E90's) and then glue them in, so you damage the plastic when trying to remove it?

Why does Hyundai put a cheap pot metal part in the steering column (of the Sonata), so at 70K miles it breaks causing a click and looseness in the steering wheel, but the part is buried in the steering column, so has to be dismantled?

Lastly, why does Tesla make cars that don't have a soul? And why are people buying them???? You can't work on one and if you get into an accident, your body shop can't get parts to fix it.

So, I'll take the mechanical work that my Alfa Spiders need - things that I can fix while I'm on the road (or side of the road). Things that I understand how they work, so if I don't have the right part, I can rig it up so I can get my car home or to a friendly shop! And, I get the bonus of being able to drive a mechanical masterpiece! A car that puts me in touch with the road. A car that lets me experience driving how it was meant to be - open air, all the aromas of the area I'm driving, the warm sun on my body, the wind blowing by me, the feeling of openness and freedom, the sounds of that twin cam four with the mechanical whirling and the exhaust singing! This is what we love about our cars and why we won't settle for anything less!
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