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Alfa 164 fog light wiring and relay

Dear Alfa Owners!

I have a 1994 164 V6 TB Super which was not fitted with front fog lamps originally but I wanted to install them.

The fog lamps cable were factory installed, I inserted and connected the lamps (wth new bulbs), the fuse and the I17 Sipea 2037 (2x15A) relay behing the gauge cluster (red slot) between three black slots) but it does not work. I measured it, and the I17 relay is not powered up when I press the fog lamp button on the climate panel. Do you have any ideas what could be wrong? Is it possible that the cables between the climate panel and the relay were not wired in the factory while the fog lamp cables were?
Any idea which pin is the fog lamp on the climate panel?

Any wiring diagrams would be much apprecieted too.

Thank you.
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