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Originally Posted by Ranz View Post
Oh, and 185s were already way bigger than the 155 originals.
I wouldn't go as far as back to the tall, stiff side walled michelins tho. Squealed like buggery.
I think you are right the 1600 GTV's had 155 SR 15.
For Michelins closest I could find was a 155 HR 15 XAS with a height of 630 mm / 24.8"mm and width of 155 mm from this site
for the

If your steering box has just been rebuilt to as new condition sure, not the the steering box, otherwise the forces of the big wheels/tyres are causing the surrounding metal work around the steering box and idler to flex or the give/play in all the 6 steering tie rods is just is too much, may be they are not Lemforder tie rods as per original specs.

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