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Originally Posted by Steve105 View Post
If it's a 105 you are talking about, then these cars were not meant to run that wheel tyre set up 24/7 as it punishes 'wears out' the steering box. When they were racing GTA's with 7" wheels they could just get another new steering box from the parts bin, not a problem. Which could explain why Alfaholics have new billet ones on offer. Put the original wheels and tyres specs back on the car. If it's still 'Tram-lining' you have a worn out your steering box past it's usable specs a combination of ware over 50 years and then further accelerated ware thanks to the heavy loads of your tyre and wheel combination.
I think the steering box is one of the 'Achilles heals' of the car.
I wouldn’t think the steering box is the likely cause. You’d feel steering slop first. The later ZF boxes don’t have the same issues as the burman boxses.

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