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A 20mm plus-or-minus in width will make a LOT of difference to steering feel.
I've experienced this on both 105 and 116 cars.
Your 205s are a LOT wider than original spec. You'll either like it or you won't.
I must say, tho, that as much as I like the wrestle (and grip) of my 195s and sports steering wheel on my current 67 GTV, I remember loving the fingertip-light steering that went with the big original steering wheel and 185s (65s I think) on my previous 65 GT.
I feel there was stuff-all loss of grip with 185s compared to the current 195s, which I bought 'because the Alfaholics cars wore 195/55'. These cars are light.
Oh, and 185s were already way bigger than the 155 originals, so I am sorely tempted to go back to 185s next time, to regain that fingertip feeling.
I wouldn't go as far as back to the tall, stiff sidewalled michelins tho. Squealed like buggery.

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