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Originally Posted by Happymotoring View Post

1. I took the cam cover off and the exhaust cam vernier looks as expected. However, the intake cam adjuster is foreign to me and my studying did not produce an answer. Take a look at the pic I attached. Any input you have on this system is appreciated.

Hi and first off a warm welcome to BB
Lets see a photo of your alfa (kind of an unwritten rule here)

the intake cam you have has the mechanical VVT, came with the first L-jetronic cars. Some actually prefer it to the electronic VVT, but's that six of one and half dozen of t'other!

Later it was changed to electronic, solenoid operated VVT, with the solenoid on the front of the cam cover.

some info on the mechanicle VVT for you here:

yours is like this:
and electronic version is like this:

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