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Hello to All,

I am new to the forum as I recently acquired, for very short coin, a 1981 Spider. Itís a verified west coast car and that is the attraction as I am here in New England.

Being a pretty good wrench and I very much enjoy learning new autos and systems. The Alfa, though not yet sorted out, has already proved to meet that standard.

Being a proud new Alfa owner and looking to be a responsible caretaker I have been studying more than wrenching. I have ripped through as many manuals, papers, forums and any other source I can access to know the vehicle and itís needs.

This is what I found about Frank:

1. Itís a 1980 build of the 1981 Spider
2. There was an engine swap. The engine code indicates that the plant is from Ď76 or Ď77 Alfetta.
3. The motor is stamped as a 2 liter.

Now you know why itís the Franken-Alfa.

This weekend I am going to go through the tune procedures that have been so well documented by many generous owners, manuals, and, of course, the Master Wes. I plan to take my time and absorb and enjoy all of it.

So here are my questions. Well for now...

1. I took the cam cover off and the exhaust cam vernier looks as expected. However, the intake cam adjuster is foreign to me and my studying did not produce an answer. Take a look at the pic I attached. Any input you have on this system is appreciated.

2. I canít believe, truly, how generous the AlfaBB members are with knowledge and experience. I have seen so many posts with scans of exploded parts diagrams posted by many. I have collected some documentation but such parts diagrams have alluded me. Can anyone inform me of where to acquire such a manual for any Alfa?

Happy to be here with you all. I look forward to contributing as I learn. But in the meantime thank you for your help.

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Ď81 Spider
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