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Originally Posted by spiderserie4 View Post
those freakin' springs on the hand/park brake pads! car was on a lift, up in the air (so, easy job methinks)
I was literally hanging off the little fat sob handbrake spring, my whole weight, feet off the ground, whilst my brother was trying to twist the end inwards to get it to locate.

(just consider Luigi at the factory, this thing is passing by on the conveyor belt, and his mate throws him a set of hand brake shoes...Hey Luigi, quick, fit these!)

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As I said previously... knowing the proper sequence is critical and noodling will get you there.. Leverage is a mechanic's most valuable helper..The only thing I would do different is try to attach both springs before locating the shoes and prying them apart to locate the adjuster before resorting to the bottom spring stretching on. PS I've never done it.

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