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Originally Posted by Dave Garfinkel View Post
Getting the wheels balanced on my '69 GTV.

How hard can this be??

took it to the local tire shop, they cross threaded one of the lugs and was not able to get the lug off. Had to get a new stud and lug from alfaholics. went back with the new parts and they stripped another stud! Then they gave up. They told me they were afraid of my car and offered me a full refund because they did not want to deal with it. I countered with paying them but letting me work along side of them using their lift and tools. They went for it. (pretty cool as they are a national chain.) I worked along with their guys. I had them borrow a die set to clean off the stud from the shop down the street. It took us working together the whole day (figuring out how to get the lug off, etc...) but we got it done.
Over-torqueing a wheel nut will return this result with any car. Want to see a Porsche guy pass out ? Watch him as the tire store man rattle wrenches the alloy nuts on his Fuchs wheels.
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