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Originally Posted by divotandtralee View Post
These cars are as simple as it gets for the DIYer...Some jobs are tricky and take some noodling but once done in the proper sequence it is very satisfying. Unfortunately that sequence isn't always covered for every task in the manuals. As with all disassembly and reassembly, there is a right way and a wrong way and it is amazing how rapidly things go south if started the wrong way.. This website has helped me immeasurably.
I totally agree with this. My experience has been completely the opposite of the OP's. I find my Alfa very simple simple and straightforward to work on. It's a great classic to own for somebody like me with limited mechanical ability like me. In general easy to work on and parts readily available.

Originally Posted by Vivace View Post
Try to do ANYthing on a modern Audi and this is your life. Five systems need to be removed or disassembled to get to the one you're working on. So frustrating.
^^^^ This. My 2005 A4 stymied me so many times I lost count. And parts were super expensive. I spent far more money on pro mechanics for that car than any other I've owned. I loved that her with all of my heart but she stabbed me in the back! Never again.


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