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Co-Part Auction's 8C Competition

I watched this beautiful Alfa Romeo 8C Competition at 'auction' for almost three weeks. Co-Part lists mostly wrecked or damaged vehicles -this one for 'Crashed Toys' in Texas. It was so very tempting as the car seemed to languish in the $54,000 range for most of that time. I have a cardinal rule to never buy a car 'sight unseen'. I did not have time to fly to Texas to check this car out. I know from watching a lot of Sam Crac videos on You-Tube, a multitude of sins can be covered up on wrecked cars!

As it turns out, I also didn't have the funding to buy this car on such short notice. I thought about selling an older 8 cylinder Alfa, a Montreal, to buy the Comp car but it just wasn't meant to be...

I kept wondering what happened to this car and finally Googled up the vin number to find that it sold for $120K:

I wonder where this rolling sculpture is now; does anyone know?

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