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White smoke from tailpipe on hard left turn

Good golly Miss Molly! Yesterday I needed make an evasive move to avoid a traffic jam. I did a hard 60 degree left turn going faster that I would like. As soon as I completed the turn, white smoke started billowing out of my tailpipe. James Bond would have been proud of the smoke screen I laid down. The smoke only lasted about 10 seconds then went away. Car drove fine during the smoke screen and after. Today at lunch I did a U-turn at a bit of speed and lo and behold, the smoke screen came back.

What can be causing that? I put a new head gasket on last summer. Car never smoked like this before, and I am sure I have made spirited turns in the past. I will get an occasion puff of blue smoke, but I know I need a valve job(this winter). Never anything like this.

1750 engine

1970 1750 GTV
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