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Originally Posted by nealric View Post
The Giulia is itself an irrational choice. If car choice were purely rational, we'd all be driving boring economy cars. I've made my choice: no manual, no Giulia. You are wasting your keystrokes trying to convince most of us otherwise.
I challenge anyone to prove I'm wasting keystrokes trying to illustrate the advantages of an automatic Giulia as compared to no Giulia at all.

There is also a difference between irrational and not rational. Emotional decisions may still be consistent with rationality as in: I need a car so I will buy a Giulia sized sedan. How much extra would it cost for me to buy a Giulia instead of the Mazda I should buy, purely rationally speaking...

Extending that to the possible irrationality of selecting a manual shift over an automatic reveals the cult like reasoning applied to choosing deliberately to buy the car that underperforms its potential even when expertly driven. When the choice is no Giulia or an automatic version I concede it is irrational to deprive yourself of the aesthetic satisfaction of driving a Giulia because you cannot (and never will be able to) buy one with a manual gearbox.

It's down to the psychological pleasure of pushing down and releasing a clutch pedal....what that has to do with enjoying driving I admit I fail to understand.

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