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Originally Posted by Alfissimo Int. View Post
Makes no sense to me both performance-wise and cost-wise. I have seen a few Q owners drop the CC brakes for standard steel brakes. If I were to upgrade my Giulia ti brakes, they would have to be significantly lighter, not drilled, slotted or dimpled. Just a solid face rotor. The drilled look great but do not perform as well. Same with slotted. I am not one to go along with the slots refreshing the pads, more like shaving them down faster than you need. Pads would have to be a good compromise between cold bite to hot and fluid, a high quality fluid with a high temp boil point. I do plan to track it at some point for fun but for daily driving to spirited, stock is fantastic. Next pads are going to be the Tarox Strada unless something else comes out by the time I need them.
well there are good and crappy drilled, slotted, vented or carbon disc oem and aftermarket brakes calipers and systems. one have to be weary of grand statements.

i had a pair of 930 cars brakes with drilled holes and they are fine because the holes are casted in before chauffeuring compared to the aftermarket stuff that are just drilled. for two decades the air cooled RS 4pots type 911/930 calipers with drilled rotors are amoungst the finest oem factory brakes to appear on a production car bar none imo

one can not evaluate the merits of brakes strictly on braking distance. thermo loading and wear are determine through long term testing. a key aspect in braking performance is the feel and modulation at the threshold. This is often subjective and important since in trail braking your car is not on a straight axis like you are performing brake test so you have to rely on feedback. straight line braking test doesn't tell you that.

ive driven on carbon brakes, great stuff since they save a lot of weight but i didnt own the car and if i did i can see why to replace them with conventional steel/iron disc due to the enormous cost

i personally have not driven giro equipped car that i can remember but i went to university for a post-baccalaureate degree specifically on vehicle research with the two founding members. one of the engineers who i personally know worked for Brembo before setting up giro. the company is the real deal being heavily involved GT racing firmaments on modern ferraris, porsches, lambos etc.. for awhile now. im actually surprised they are doing stuff for 90hp alfa 105s :-)

tarox is wonderful little know company as well. they supplied the michelotto who builds semi-factory GR 5 and endurance racers for Ferrari's since the early 80's. we had a tarox caliper and disc set up custom built for a bespoke application. great stuff , reasonably price with a long history in competition.

my 2cents
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