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Originally Posted by Michael Smith View Post
There's not really convincing evidence that carbon ceramic brakes work well for road cars, even when tracked. If you are also using street tires your tires will give up long before your iron brakes, assuming you fit appropriately harder pads when you are on track.

Evo magazine did an interesting back to back test of otherwise identical supercharged Jaguar F Types fitted respectively with Jaguars standard iron brakes and optional carbon ceramics. The iron brakes stopped better for the first 4-5 stops and then more or less matched the carbon ceramics up to 12 consecutive stops. From 100 mph!!!

That was with street pads on the iron brakes. Admittedly the street pads "caught fire" but they stopped the car anyway.
There is a simple explanation. They did not follow the heating procedure. You can open the last page of the EU Giulia QV owners manual and read how to heat carbon ceramic brakes.
Basically after 12 stops ceramic brakes only reached the correct temperature

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