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Originally Posted by Steve105 View Post
I think some of these cars will get on a ballistic price curve not akin to dotcom busts, but just boom!
The BAT car's actual condition has pulled it off the curve and its now suffering in hybrid land with costly repairs as the only ticket out.
There are no short cuts/excuses any more with 105's so you and I and our car/s are going to have to earn a place on the ballistic price/value curve when/if it comes (see endless number of posts here on Alfabb on restoring a 105). If you are happy with a your 105 hybrid car that's fine to, but don't get upset when you can't find a 1967 engine block for under $5k (last one sold for $2.5k) when you want one in 18 months time.
Maybe for a while, then we’ll all get older and the younger gen won’t recall what a 105 was, maybe even what an Alfa Romeo was, and.... down, down, prices are down. You’re an Aussie, you know the jingle.

1973 105 GTV (Alfa #6 of 19 owned)
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