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Originally Posted by autobroker View Post
I haven't heard anything about the OP. My guess is that he has a lawsuit against BHCC. I hope he wins - I've seen some absolutely terrible cars advertised with those guys. Seems like they find the worst cars and ask for top dollar. Takes the fun out of owning a classic.
I don’t think that is accurate-all the cars are available for inspection, they document the cars pretty well via lots of photographs. Buying any car of this vintage without putting eyes on it or having it checked is inherently dubious.

Yes, I know, they call everything “excellent “but come on now. I am truly sorry for the OP had, if they made representations beyond their listing or with knowledge of something not visible from the photos then shame on them. I bought a Jensen Interceptor from these guys and it was exactly as shown in the pictures. They didn’t make any claims about the mechanical condition of the car, they simply said we don’t have history on it and we can’t tell you much more than what we see. I did, however, go see it in person which was not that hard because they’re pretty close to where I am.

That said-your comment strikes me as a bit nave for someone with your user name. Perhaps you were just starting out in the “business “.

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