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Oh, the humanity...

In an effort to quickly clear the street after staging this humorous photo, Alex inadvertently put his truck in reverse and backed into Fred, tipping both Porta Potties (TM) onto the hapless Spider and driver. Understandably, Fred was not amused and insisted photos of the aftermath be redacted. EPA responded quickly, a crew in HazMat suits arrived, the scene was taped off and the area immediately declared a Superfund Site. Both drivers were taken into custody (Fred was put in a body bag, with provisions for breathing) and unable to make bail, both perpetrators currently languish in Federal Prison facing charges of reckless endangerment, littering, being dumb and whatever else creative prosecutors can conceive.

Sources indicate the Spider was declared a total loss and due to no recovery personnel being willing to approach it, an Elon Musk Signature Model Flame Thrower was employed to burn the car in situ, resulting in charges against the tow truck driver, having failed to file an Environmental Impact Statement prior to lighting up the Spider.

A lesson in unintended consequences, and now you know the rest of the story.

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