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Koni reds should be in the rear and yellows in the front .... but the SPAX low pressure gas shocks that you got on your Spider are better.

Springs. Stiffer in the front regardless of source will protect your sump even if lowered. However try not to lower too much ... use shims to avoid front lower A-arms from pointing upwards ... otherwise your now subterranean roll-center will require spring rates or a front bar that will not work well with rough roads.

Originally Posted by crackie View Post
I am planning a new suspension for my 74 GTV. I am looking for something that is "better" than stock, but something that is tried & true by many. My requirements: nice street performance, reasonable ride, ride height that won't scrape my sump guard on street dips and a reliably "good stance" without a bunch of spring spacer trial and error.

I've read through a fair number of threads...seems to get complex quickly with spring coil counts, rebound rates, etc. I just want something tried and true that I can install and be happy without a lot of tinkering. I'll be running 65 or 60 profile tires.

To that end it seems a pretty standard setup is:
  • Centerline springs
  • Koni Reds in front
  • Koni Yellow in back
  • OEM sway bars

Is anyone running this suspension? Do you think it meets my criteria above?

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