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Originally Posted by Jim G View Post
As you probably know the 73/74 are suppose to to have the Stainless bumpers with the bumperettes. Which do stick out a little further then the 71/72 bumpers.

I don't think the 73/74 bumpers look bad. I actually think they have a little more charcter then the 71/72 bumpers. Alfa did a better job with the federal mandate on bumpers then all the other imports combined.

But I'm probably biased as my first Alfa was a 73 Spider.
Hi Jim, yes, I understand the US spec versions had the bumperettes however haven't seen them on any of the replacement bumpers. That being said, it will end up being more of a Euro spec by the time I'm finished (rear side markers gone, front to round ones, license lights on bumper etc) so these bumpers will fit the look.
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