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Originally Posted by autobroker View Post
I threw 14,500 up on the Duetto. My gut tells me I'll be looking at $20K - it looks good, but there's some rust stains coming through under the cracks in the undercoating, so there could be some problems in the floor pan. Photo 119 looks like the roll bar was mounted through a rust hole - the intent being to hide the rust hole. I sure hope it isn't, but why on earth would someone put a roll bar on a car like this - most of us don't want it on there and when we remove it, we're stuck with holes in the car.

Wish me luck!
I saw the rust. You may be stuck with a few holes with or without the roll bar. No matter, it still seems that your bid is in an OK range for the car. If you get the car for this price I would say that you hit a 4 bagger. GLWTA.

BTW, I had to edit this. Did you happen to notice that we have strayed a long way a ways from the original subject of this thread. And, yeah, I really do wonder what the OP did with his situation with that GTV.

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