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Originally Posted by autobroker View Post
I'm thinking about the red 1974 GTV on BAT - the one in Canada. I watched your comments and I appreciate your insight. A couple things I saw that worried me. The body panels don't line up well. Doors don't fit, front fenders to A Pillars, deck lid, etc. Also the missing jack points worry me. The frame looks pretty straight, but looks are much different than fact.

I'm really interested in the '67 Duetto, but I think it's going to run a bit. You know how these Alfa's have been getting bid up on BAT.
Your concerns about the GTV on BaT are likely well founded. If I hadn't bought mine 27 years ago and went through the experience of doing a refurb I would be lost as to what is showing up for sale these days. My car is no example of a number 4 or even, maybe, a number 3 car because of my small changes made during its refrub. Even so, over the years I have noticed so many cars that are far less correct being foisted off as correct when they are not. As far as the Duetto on BaT, yeah, not correct, but definitely would be a winner for the right price. Right now I still think that it is well within that range.
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